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Over the past five years, Impact 360 and our associated entities have been very satisfied clients of Ward & Uptigrove. Before engaging Ward & Uptigrove we had struggled with receiving quality advice in a timely manner. Also, because we have had a number of associated entities over the years, we also needed to seek out multiple firms to address our various annual tax, accounting and valuation requirements.  We now find great value in obtaining high quality and timely financial and tax advice from Besnik Sulemanovski and the team at Ward & Uptigrove, for all of our firms individually, as well as "big picture" advice to optimize our structure for the best tax benefits for our combined group of companies and shareholders. We have confidently referred several client firms to Ward & Uptigrove over the past five years, and we will continue to do so knowing that they will also receive the exceptional attention and advice that we have enjoyed.

Lisa Hyde

Managing Director, Impact 360


As our business grew and evolved, it became obvious that we needed an accounting agency who could provide a suite of professional services. From everyday accounting services and HR resources to succession planning and long-term financial advice, Ward & Uptigrove met every one of our requirements. In addition, they staff experts in many fields providing advice and direction that allows us to make confident decisions. Above all, it is always enjoyable to work with the friendly people at Ward & Uptigrove. We value the professional yet personal touch they add to their services.


David Meulensteen
President, Meulensteen Tire and Auto Service




We are always pleased with the service we receive from W&U, and we appreciate that they not only complete the work required, but suggest and make recommendations on where they see current and potential shortfalls.  In business, we’re so busy with what we consider to be the “important things”  that we overlook or delay tasks that fall down the priority list.  When working with W&U, we’ve benefitted from their continuous attention and foresight to the different aspects of our business allowing the proper attention to be paid to those “postponed” items; ones that, admittedly, can quickly move up the list for the wrong reason.  W&U provides insurance that we’re not missing anything, and we can continue to work to our strengths by allowing them to work to theirs on our behalf. We’ve experienced many of the benefits that W&U has to offer in working with their different departments including general accounting, software solutions, tax planning, and through their referrals for other services, and we couldn’t imagine a more favorable relationship with a company that we consider to be an important partner and resource.


Tyler Van Dyke

President, Genco Generators Inc.

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