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Human Resource Planning


Ward & Uptigrove has its own tools to help you structure jobs while ensuring efficiency and productivity.


Job Analysis and Design

  • Help design effective questionnaires for collecting and understanding job duties and workflows to help us analyze your business.
  • Help you organize work to make your small business as efficient as possible.

Job Descriptions

  • Job description format that maximizes employee productivity while ensuring flexibility to adapt jobs to the changing needs of your business.
  • Help you customize your job descriptions to suit your business' needs.

Job Evaluations

  • Design our own job evaluation tool that satisfies statutory pay equity requirements.
  • Customize our standard tool to reflect your business' unique circumstances.

Workforce and Succession Planning

  • Design our own policy and tool to facilitate succession planning in your small business that ensures that knowledge is not lost and a smooth transition of staff leading up to retirement.
  • Perform an analysis of your company's succession planning needs and make recommendations for a succession plan that minimizes disruptions to work.

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