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Ward & Uptigrove has tried and true methods for finding the best candidate for your vacancy. We can customize our recruitment support to suit your business' needs.


Job Ads

  • Help you identify the most appropriate resources for reaching qualified applicants.
  • Help you develop a marketing plan to suit your budget.

Screening and Interviewing

  • Perform screening and interviewing services on your behalf or help you develop your own process.
  • Save you time by performing phone and face-to-face interviews and getting to a short-list of candidates. 

Employment Testing

  • Use many resources for employment testing.
  • To make an informed decision, we will help you understand your candidates' level of interest, intelligence and behaviour at work.

Reference and Background Checks

  • We recommend background checks for all positions that can affect the bottom line of your business or where they are being trusted with resources (human and material). 

Offer Letters and Employment Agreements

  • We have many different templates for employment offers and agreements that will ensure your business is protected and comply with all employment related laws.
  • Employment contracts signify a business relationship between your business and the employee.
  • We will customize a contract that addresses the unique employment relationship. 

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