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Your organization’s employees are vital to achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s environment. Effective human resources practices will contribute to your organization’s goals and success. Our Human Resources division focuses on small to medium-sized organizations, providing human resources expertise. Established in 2000, our business grew out of the need to provide human resources support to the accounting firm’s clients. Our client base has expanded to include sectors such as municipal, non-profit, retail, manufacturing, veterinary services, and agri-business. To view our team, click here.


W&U Human Resources provides a wide range of human resources support: from a single phone call with a specific question, to a one-time project, to ongoing human resources management. Our professionals have expertise in most human resources areas including:

Our services are customized to our clients’ needs, ensuring clarity, direction, and results.  Ultimately, we help our clients comply with employment law and attract and retain valued human resources.


Our Human Resources Professionals govern themselves according to standard principles of professional conduct as developed by the Human Resources Professionals Association of Canada.  Please click here to view our commitment to this Code of Conduct.


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