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Terminating employees is a difficult and often emotional situation. We can provide objective support to help you perform terminations humanely and within the confines of employment related law. Our goal is to reduce risks to your business.



  • Facilitate your termination process using the advice of our affiliated law firm: Hicks Morley, Waterloo. 
  • Help you identify the risks of terminating an employee and give you tips for performing the termination.

Letters and Releases

  • Standard documents that we can customize to the circumstances of each termination, ensuring that your business' interests are protected.

Conducting Termination Meetings

  • Attend and facilitate your termination meetings to ensure that employee (s) are terminated with dignity.
  • Provide you with a process to ensure that your terminations go as smoothly as possible.  

Outplacement Services

  • It is often in your business' best interest for a terminated employee to find employment elsewhere as soon as possible.
  • Provide your terminated employee(s) with assistance in finding more suitable work. 

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