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How We Help


Ward & Uptigrove has a team of 65 professionals comprised of accounting staff, tax specialists, certified financial planners, human resource professionals, certified computer consultants, bookkeepers and administrative staff. The firm has three operating groups: 1) Chartered Accountants, 2) Wealth Management and 3) Consulting and Human Resources Professionals. We offer more than that; we offer clarity, direction and results. 




See the Opportunities


As a business, you have a lot of initiatives to focus on. You want to put your trust in professional advisors who care about you and your team and will go above and beyond to help you reach your business objectives. At W&U, we will evaluate your current situation and provide financial and tax advice so you can see the big picture of opportunities. We help guide you and your team to your desired results in a timely, integrated manner.



To Guide You Along the Way


The success of W&U has been its ability to provide services in an integrated, client focused, team environment. This helps to provide clarity and direction for clients, which in turn leads to desired results. By providing client focused service and direction over the years, W&U partners earn the trust of their clients. Our team approach allows us to provide a wealth of knowledge to our clients so they stay on the right path.



Helping You Succeed


We succeed when you succeed. We pay attention to all the details and have the foresight to understand how to get the results you are looking for. By offering clarity and direction, the W&U team provides a recipe for successful results.


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